Ludo Blitz!


In this Windows universal release, brought by the amazing developers Imperia Online, you will enjoy the best Ludo experience.

The good and classic LUDO gets MORE FUN than ever: It’s still SIMPLE and ELEGANT, but also incredibly more DYNAMIC and UNPREDICTABLE.

Key features:
• Shorter and casual games – ideal for your coffee breaks, or subway travels
• Get ready for a completely new and challenging game every time you start playing.
• Watch your Pawns come to life – Enjoy the hi-res 3D movements and actions
• 6 boosters to take the fun in LUDO to a new level
• 2 special fields to enhance the wonderful chaos of LUDO

Play the best Ludo game in the Windows Store for FREE!

Additional features:
• The game is free to download, and optionally you can buy some items