You made a great game, it’s our work to make sure the potential users get noticed about it. We take care of your game marketing, through several channels:

  • Traffic
    We buy traffic for your games through advertising platforms to help them grow in particular markets.
  • Publisher Relations
    Game Troopers have a very close relationship with Store managers, that gives your game a lot of chances to become Store featured in many countries on release and after release.
  • Media
    We have great relations and insider contacts with the top media that talks about Windows. Media also follows Xbox Live releases very closely.
  • Cross-promotion
    Our internal network of very successful titles is an effective way to cross-promote new games via interstitial and banner ads. Right now we can only deliver traffic from our already published Windows 8 games but we are working on a new version for new Windows 10 games.
  • Promotion Materials
    Our producing team helps you to prepare screenshots, app icons, trailers, etc…
  • Social Networks
    We will let the world know about your game through posting in our social networks.
  • Landing Page
    Creating a landing page is always a good idea and makes it easier to get more people to play your game.
  • Xbox Live
    We can empower your game on Windows 10 with this exclusive brand. Players really love Xbox Live on games, and they tend to spend more money than regular users.


Partnering with Game Troopers means working with our expert team in the Microsoft Store and their particularities. You have made a big effort to make a great game, let us help you to become profitable. We will help you on all steps from gameplay balancing to monetization, player retention improvement, testing...

Some other services related to production include:

  • Handling platform submission processes
    We take care to set up all the necessary for your game when it hits the Store.
  • Development Support
    We work closely with Microsoft, so at any time a development problem appears we can contact Microsoft development support to get the best help.
  • Game localization
    We make sure your game is available in all the relevant languages for the users.
  • Age Ratings
    Creating age ratings can be complicated and time consuming, let us take care about it.
  • ASO advice
    We prepare the store page as optimized as possible to ensure the best visibility options and increase game conversion rates.
  • TestingOur team can test your builds and give feedback while you are developing.
  • After Release ManagementWe identify the main KPI once the game is launched and we improve them by sending reports to the developers with tips to increase the most important KPI to ensure a successful maintenance for the title.
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