Oct 8, 2001

Celebrating Overkill's 150 million sessions on Windows

We are very proud to check that Windows 10 has boosted the number of downloads in all Game Troopers portfolio, but more remarkably in hard-core games like Overkill 3. What is more, this title has been played by more than 2M players nowadays.

For celebrating this milestone, we have recently launched an update for Windows and Windows Phone with a pack of long awaited features:

  • Gamepad usage enhanced
  • Analog sticks are enabled for aiming
  • Tutorial experience improved
  • Weapons accuracy totally redone from scratch
  • Popup windows rearranged to maximize gameplay
  • Aiming feature updated and reviewed
  • Endless mode accessible from all situations
  • Extended notifications in Windows
  • All achievements ready to be obtained
  • Performance improved thanks to new texture optimizations
  • Fixed and enhanced localization in several languages
  • Re-arrangement of certain labels in the game for better readability
  • Cross-save feature fixed
  • Stability improvements
  • Major bug fixing

You will enjoy this update (for both Mobile and Windows 8/10 PCs) for sure.