Nov 23, 2015

Equalicious, the coolest math game

Who said maths are boring? If you have ever thought like this... Well, you definitely need to play Equalicious!

The last title published by Game Troopers, developed by Dark Curry, is a free puzzle game where you have to sort the tiles in order to solve simple equations with basic operations. Sounds tricky? Not really. You can watch an introductory video of the game here (say hello to Carol!):


Join your friends in this pitagoric adventure and beat them through lots of mathematical worlds in 3D.

Equalicious is the perfect title to improve or refresh your operational skills while having a lot of fun, and it is suitable for all ages.

Still afraid of numbers? Let's give a try to Equalicious through this link:


Available for Windows Phone and supporting 512MB devices EXCLUSIVELY in Windows for a limited time.