Jul 25, 2016

Game Troopers' Imperia Online new update

Adds six new leagues, new visuals effects, and new cool animations.

Greetings Trooper,

We have another update for our favorite military strategy game, Imperia Online. This update brings new rankings and six new leagues for multiplayer battles, and new ways to improve our military research. The desktop version also adds new cool animations, keyboard shortcuts, and a few minor fixes. This patch updates the game to the version and is available since 19/07/2016.

The new version is for mobile and desktop. It includes:

V6.1.0.8 Update features:- New more intuitive labels on village buildings- New rankings and six new leagues to conquer- Awesome new military research - Siege Upgrades- Icon tooltips- Many redesigned screens and various bug fixesOnly for desktop version:- New cool animations- Keyboard shortcuts to all buildings- Game settings integrated on system settings menu- 40 MB downsizedUser requested:- Live tiles!

Download the game:


Watch the official video for more details: