Dec 23, 2016

Hamsters are invading Windows!

Hamsters are idleness critters that prosper all their lives eating, sleeping and occasionally going for a run and not much else. They prosper and reach their milestones that way. One heroic hamster tired of idleness decided there is more to life and idle than just that. Instead of going through the idle games routine of an ordinary rodent, he tapped and gathered like-minded hamsters for a trip of their lifetimes to reach his milestones - gather energy riches. He took some picks and built a high-tech spaceship powered by his tapped click wheel and prepared for a journey to explore the vast riches of the outer space void. All he needs before the take off to the void is your click. Your duty and milestones in this incremental game are to make sure that the brave heroic hamster picks do not revert to his idling ways and the eager astronaut would prosper by tapping him or his wheel with power click encouraging him to generate energy riches milestones and delve ever deeper into unexplored universe void. In Hamster Universe like in idle games you have to spend the click generated energy for items of clothing appropriate for a heroic space voyager this eager hamster is (after all, you don’t want the first space hamster traveling dressed in some old rags, do you?). While the amount of tapped energy the astronaut hamster can generate by running is truly astounding, you can add to it by spending a part of the energy yield on alternate sources of picks which will keep the energy flowing even when the eager hamster picks are resting. If you want to generate even more, the hamster will always have some rewarding tasks and milestones to do. Fulfill them and you shall see the energy level riches skyrocket and your little astronaut hamster prosper. The thought of idleness flying through the incremental / idle space with nothing but void around makes you feel uncomfortable? Don't worry! You shall not be joining a crew of a single spaceship. In fact, your eager tapped friend picks a whole fleet of heroic hamster-piloted spacecraft in support!


  • Idle games / Incremental gameplay is easy to understand for everyone! Click this cute astronaut to generate energy riches
  • Is hamster tired of being tapped? Let your eager heroic astronaut prosper in the void even when you’re on idleness duty!
  • Spend tapped energy for powerful incremental upgrades to reach your milestones.
  • Tons of achievements!