Jan 27, 2016

Huge update for Make It Rain

We are very glad to announce a major update for Make It Rain.

We have set up a new and fresh user interface, where you can customize the background, the music (yes, the music!), and even the money clip.

You can now get rewards after watching videos (as we announced in a previous communication http://gametroopers.net/video-rewards-in-game-troopers-games/ ). So you are able to win money faster after a video.

But if you want to spent actual money, you can thanks to new purchases, like the auto-swipe feature.

However, the most interesting feature is the level progression system. Now, depending on your skills, you have access to some items available only in certain levels.

Enjoy all those new features in this Make It Rain update!

This is a quick recap of all that you will find in the update:

  • Revamped user interface
  • New and engaging level progression system: spoon rewards, auto-swipe, golden minutes and many other available stuff
  • Change the background image and the music of the game
  • Customize your money clip
  • Rewards after watching videos! (only in desktop version)
  • New purchasable items: auto-swipe time, double inheritance and cheat the death
  • Lots of new missions
  • Endless hours of fresh and new content

You can download the game here: