Mar 21, 2016

Imperia Online now available on PC!

Imperia Online is available in your desktop through the Windows Store as a Universal App with full support for desktop, tablet and phone. Join millions of players, not only in your phone, but ALSO IN YOUR PC. Play on your mobile device, and keep on growing your realm in HD in your PC. But this is not only about playing Imperia Online everywhere, there are also new features that you will love:

- Jaw

- Dropping 3D animated battles

- Improved UI and navigation for touchscreen devices

- Gorgeous and realistic animations in the menus and tutorials

- Upgraded game icons

And the best of all is that those mentioned features are EXCLUSIVE for Windows Store users. You will not find them in any other platform!

Watch here all the exclusive features:

Don't be the last to get this PC version; exclusive promotions and events are waiting for all the new incomers.

Download it now here: