May 15, 2015

Lines will be available in June 2015

We are proud to introduce to our fans an incoming title: LinesIt is an original puzzle game developed by Gamious, with very simple mechanics: just place or remove dots to initiate a race for filling a drawing: the colour having a longer line wins, as simple as it sounds. Check out this video to see Lines in action: simple and compelling gameplay will keep you stuck to your phone across the 250 puzzle levels. What is more, you can replay the game as many times as you want thanks to the 5 different game modes. Those modes introduce a set of new features to the regular game: remove dots and lines, build bridges in the drawing, daily rewards...As Jesus Bosch, Game Troopers' CEO, states: "It's amazing how many times I said 'ok, this is the last play for today', just for repeating the level again and again. Windows Phone users will love Lines!"We expect to publish the game at June 18th, with a price of $2.99, and will be exclusively available in Windows Phone for a limited time. The publishing stage is in its final steps at the moment, and we will keep you posted about the release.As usual, subscribe to our news if you don't want to lose any new title.Find some press mentions to this PR note below: