Jun 5, 2015

Make it Rain launches on Windows 8. Major update on Windows Phone

We at Game Troopers are experiencing very busy days... today's surprise is that we are finally launching Make it Rain: The Love of Money on Windows 8.

  • But that's not all... the Windows Phone version is also being updated with a good number of new major features:
  • New Investments! Invest in Fusion Food Trucks or in Very Dark Money!
  • Cloud save! Share your data among all your devices!
  • New Golden Minute Leaderboard! Who is the fastest swiping?
  • New in-game notifications! You will know when you afford new items!
  • Fix language bugs
  • Fix bug with "Influent" achievement
  • Balance Rain On Photo related missions
  • Minor bug fixing

It's important to mention that Windows 8 will incorporate cloud save in a upcoming update, that will allow players to use Make it Rain on any device.Download Make it Rain now!