May 25, 2015

Monster GO! is available NOW

Game Troopers, the most active publisher in Windows, is proud to announce the release of the long awaited runner "Monster Go!"Your goal in the game is very simple: just run as fast as you can, and collect as many coins as possible. These coins allow you to improve your equipment, team and skills, and unlock special upgrades to defeat the final bosses of each level. If you are enjoying infinite runners, and love the golden era of 2D games, "Monster Go!" won't disappoint you. Check out a quick demo of the game here: is a short excerpt of an interview made to Thunyut Chienpairoj, CEO and founder of ThinkBox Studios, the original developers:We are so excited to launch our title "Monster Go!" on Windows Phone in cooperation with Game Troopers.We think there is a lot of potential & possibilities for game developers on the platform. Their gamers are highly engaged and enthusiastically provide response which is very beneficial to developers.We are looking forward to launching the game and could not be more thrilled!Finally, the wait is over! The game is free to play, and is supporting 512MB devices. Here is the link to download "Monster Go!" in Windows Phone (a Windows 8 version is on its way!).Be the first of your friends to download the game: it will be available exclusively for Windows Phone before other platforms for a limited time.

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