Mar 18, 2016

Play retro-soccer in your Windows Phone

Have you ever dreamed about leading a soccer team? Yes, we too! Add the ability to play the matches, and a retro style to the mix, and you will get Tiki Taka Soccer, probably the best soccer simulation game for Windows Phone. Panic Barn are the creators of this pixel art marvel.

Key features

  • Free to play
  • Super addictive soccer action
  • Create your dream soccer team
  • Unlock all the achievements
  • Specially designed for touchscreens
  • Intuitive and responsive gameplay
  • Hire trainers, buy the best players… Thousands of hours of fun!

Hugely enjoyable to pick up and play a quick match or fall deep into the Tiki Taka Soccer world and play season after season in a variety of worldwide leagues.

Play the best soccer simulator in the Windows Store for FREE!

Watch the official video for more details:


Additional features:

  • Supports 512MB devices
  • The game is free to download, and optionally you can buy some items

Download now from here: