Oct 29, 2015

Trucking 3D, a driving experience for Windows Phone and Windows

Do you enjoy driving? If you do, you probably have fantasized with driving a large truck across the US, or maybe a rusty old pick-up in a northern small village. Even a brand and shiny new american 18 wheeler in... well, you got the idea.For all of you that understand driving as a way of live, Game Troopers has just published Trucking 3D, a construction delivery parking simulator developed by Evlppy.This is a free to play game where you will have to maneuver your truck in a lively 3D environment while completing your missions. It is tricky, challenging and rewarding at the same time.Key Features of Trucking 3D:

  • 60+ levels
  • 6 different trucks and 4 special vehicles (ambulance, fire truck, plane carrier...)
  • 18 visual upgrades
  • 5+ hours of gameplay
  • Lots of new stuff in upcoming updates
  • You don't need a driving license to play the game
  • Game available ONLY for Windows

Trucking 3D is available for free for Windows Phone (supporting 512MB devices) and Windows. So please look for you driving gloves, download Trucking 3D and enjoy hours and hours of virtual driving. Without leaving home!