Jan 15, 2016

Video rewards in Game Troopers' games

As a clear consequence of the ever-growing Windows market, a new ad provider called Vungle is in town. Game Troopers does not want to miss the opportunity of partnering with them, and as a result, we are starting to integrate its SDK in our games.

What does it mean to the regular player? Really simple: get rewards into our games after watching a video. Let us keep it clear with this simple questionnaire:

  • Have you ever wanted a special weapon or armour in Overkill 3, but you run out of medals?
  • Do you feel unable to accomplish a mission in Tiny Troopers because you don't have money to buy grenades?
  • Would you like to reach the new bucket level in Make It Rain?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the previous questions... congrats! Game Troopers, through the implementation of the new video ads system of Vungle, will reward you by watching videos.

Our immediate plan is to gradually add this feature in our desktop games, and enabling it in the future for the Windows Phone versions of the games.

The first Vungle-enabled title is Tiny Troopers 2 for PC, try it for free from here

But many more are in their way: Make It Rain, Overkill 3, Fusion Dots... Stay tuned for getting the latest and exciting updates in our games!