Looking for Laika


Evil aliens abducted your puppy Laika, and as Astronaut it is your duty to go and save your best friend. Enjoy this epic side-scrolling puzzle adventure in a colorful 3D world.

Bounce and jump from planet to planet through different worlds and dimensions. Master the gravity of the asteroids, and save your pet. Lots of dangerous obstacles are waiting for you.

The one tap mechanism makes this platformer fun to play on any device, just leverage the rotational speed and… Jump! And don’t forget to use the jetpack for an extra impulse. Mechanics are really simple, do you accept the challenge?

The game is available at just $1.99!

Key features

  • Combining a platform game experience with one-tap gameplay
  • Follow the tender story of man and puppy
  • Story and Arcade mode available
  • Supports 512MB devices