Nov 30, 2020

Feel the true Football with Touchdown Hero!

The Big Game of the year is finally here!

Become a true Touchdown Hero of the American Football League in this top-down tackle-avoider! Choose the right scheme and swiftly rush down the field.

Use fakes, pushes and spins to avoid being tackled by aggressive defenders.

The unique slow-motion feature will allow you to Spot the Gaps and reach End Zone after End Zone. Get ready to score big!

Share your scores and challenge your friends!

- Free limitless fun for everyone

- Unique slow-motion feature

- Easy to learn controls

- Loads of teams and characters to unlock

- Different types of opponents, fields and weather conditions

- Original old school graphics

- Great retro-style music and sound effects

- Decide when you want to RAM, SPIN or FAKE to breakthrough towards the TOUCHDOWN ZONE!

- CUSTOMIZE your player from head to toes and show what you’re made of!

- Score TOUCHDOWN after TOUCHDOWN to beat high-scores and climb the ranks!

TOUCHDOWN HERO: NEW SEASON is even bigger, better and more fun!