Nov 24, 2014

Game Publisher for Windows Phone Launches

Game Developers can easily bring titles to Windows from Android or iPhoneGame Troopers, a new independent game publishing service, launched today. The new company will help developers quickly and easily bring games from other platforms onto Windows Phone and Windows 8.“In many cases, we will even do the coding to get the game running on Windows,” said Nicholas Reville, co-founder of Game Troopers. “We want to make it easy for developers to decide to bring their game to Windows. It shouldn’t add any extra stress for your team.”Game Troopers is founded by Space Inch. “We live and breath mobile gaming and we know how to create hits,” said Josh Segall, co-founder of Game Troopers and CEO of Space Inch. “There’s a huge amount of potential on Windows and lots of indie game developers don’t have a plan to publish their game. We solve that for them.”Space Inch is a mobile game startup that has created several hit games, including Make it Rain: The Love of Money (which went to #1 overall in the App Store this year), Say the Same Thing (an Apple ‘Best of 2013’ award-winning game), and Disco Bees (recently acquired by Scopely).

  • Tiny Troopers
  • Make it Rain: The Love of Money
  • Abyss

In addition, Space Inch has agreed to have some upcoming titles published as well.Tiny Troopers will be released during december on Windows Phone. The game features 30 levels plus a Zombie Mode, and players can unlock up to 200G in XBOX Achievements. The game will be available for free*; users who want to get the most of the game can enhance their experience through in-application purchases.Game Troopers is allowing bloggers, reviewers and community influencers to play an early beta of the game. To request access, please e-mail*On Xbox, Windows Phone, additional in-game [in-app] purchases available and sold separately.Contact game troopers:pr@gametroopers.netPRESS KITSocial networks:Twitter: @gametrooperswpFacebook: materials:Tiny Troopers trailer (mp4 video): Troopers youtube trailer: Troopers banners: Troopers icon: Troopers screenshots (exclusive/alternative to the store ones): Troopers logo: Troopers terms of use: Troopers privacy policy: